1932 5W Coupe rolling project car. This is a NEW Bebop fiberglass body with a Brookville steel firewall, cowl vent, repop steel drip rails, and flip out windshield frame. The body has exposed hinges, roll up windows and stock door handles, and trunk handle. NO power anything on this body like most of the glass bodies you see. The body has a 3 1/2 chop. New Brookville Grill shell and Vintique insert. Original 32 ford dash and new bebop fiberglass dash. New Glide seat and Bebops fiberglass Garnish moldings

Chassis is new ASC rails with Brookville boxing plates jigged to stock 32' ford dimensions and 100% TIG welded. The crossmembers are the DAGEL U-Channel kit. The front crossmember is a new So-Cal model A and the rear is a pancaked original 40 ford. All stock dimension 32' Ford holes were drilled in the side rails to replicate an original frame.

The front suspension is all new with Split bones, 4" drop Super Bell Beam, Posie spring and New Lincoln Style Wilson welding Brakes on New spindles. New Chrome SoCal bell front shocks w/ F-1 mounts. The front hubs are a 5 X 5 1/2 bolt circle (early Ford). New Vega box and pitman arm with cross steering. The steering column is the new Hot Rod 1 3/4" column from IDIDIT. New Reno rod and custom Ansen style Hydraulic clutch and brake pedal assembly with reman master cylinder. New SoCal fuel filter mounted on frame. 

Rear suspension is New Pete & Jakes Ladder Bars with a Posie transverse 40' Ford leaf spring w/ reversed eyes. It has Pete & Jakes Spring hangers and shackles. The rear is an Early Bronco 9" w/ 5 X 5 1/2" bolt circle (early Ford).
Not sure what the rear ratio is. New SoCal bell rear shocks.

Chassis is set up for a SBC and a 4 speed. Has an original Hurst front engine mount and rubber bushings from Speedway. The engine, bellhousing, Trans, and dress up parts ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION. The headers are new Patriot headers modified to work with the Vega box and steering column. The radiator is a new Walker and the engine clears with a regulor 4 blade fan for the nostalgic look. New gas tank mounted in trunk but rear frame horns were not cut yet if you want to run a stock 32' tank.

Wheels are 15" Chrome Reverse with Hurst Cheater Slicks in the rear and Bias Ply Uniroyals up front. This car was built in a very traditional 60's style with mostly all new parts with the exception of the rearend, and rear crossmember. This is no stone unturned build that could easily be finished into a very nice car. All of the fabrication work and set up was done by Barillaro Speed Emporium in Knoxville, TN. For more info please email thru ebay or call Kile Watt @ 865-389-3721. This car has NO TITLE and will be supplied with reciepts for parts and bill of sale but it has no vin number as it is all new construction.