Sold Wescott 1932 Roadster Body w/ Extras $6,500

Wescott  Fiberglass 1932 Ford Roadster Body
. Manufactured in 1988 and never used. Body has stock style floor, firewall, hinges, rumble seat and cowl vent.  Included with body are new 2” chopped windshield posts and chrome windshield frame and inside door handles and latch rods. Also included are new never used seat bottoms and backs for front and rumble seats. This body is like new. Gloss was knocked down w/ 400 grit but no paint has been applied. The Wescott 32 roadster was the truest to original glass body made. (Chassis in pictures is not included in sale.)
Wescott currently lists this body for $9,750 + $250 for the working cowl vent . Words below are from Wescott’s website:
Wescott Quality Fiberglass, Steel Reinforced 1932 roadster bodies are the finest reproduction bodies available. All the original body lines have been retained. All doors and the deck lid come installed, and open and close solidly. Wescott uses high quality, hand laminated fiberglass and extensive steel reinforcement to make a strong, straight and clean fitting body.
Built-in internal steel for safety & strength. Doors & deck lid are constructed with two fiberglass panels encasing an inner steel framework. Cross-bracing of cowl and quarter panels, plus solid hinge mounts, creates exceptional rigidity and door alignment. The roadster body includes the top mount brackets and rear cockpit upholstery tack wood installed.  1932 Roadster Body base $9,750.00. Includes the lower posts for the traditional style windshield frame, mount brackets for folding top irons.Working Cowl Vent $250.00.